Thursday, October 2, 2008

baby pincushion

Ethan is a little baby pincushion this morning after yesterday. They have tried to start an IV 10 times since yesterday afternoon. They even had the NICU team come up and try. His veins are not cooperating. So, he's on clear liquids until noon and then he will be ready to go downstairs to prep for his MRI. They are going to give him "knock out gas" to get him under so that they can start the IV and then switch him to IV anasthesia. I'll continue the updates throughout the day. I'm really nervous but ready to have this over so that we will know what the next step in Ethan's journey is.

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Olivia said...

praying for you today while you wait and for Ethan to sleep well and then wake up happy! Hope they find some answers!

Love, Olivia