Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tomorrow is D-Day

Well...tomorrow is the day for Ethan's first open heart surgery. I met with Dr. Fraser this evening to go over the goals for the surgery. He will make a new connection between the pulmonary vein confluence that is bigger and will alleviate a lot of the worry of the common vein squirreling all over the place. They will also look and see (after they are in the heart) if they can perform a bidirectional glenn shunt. They will have to measure a lot of Ethan's anatomy after surgery in underway so they will have to stop circulation while he is on bypass a few times which ups the risk of complications during surgery, but it has to be done. We are praying that everything goes smoothly and that the doctor's hands remain calm. We pray that the knowledge of our surgical team be at the forfront of their minds that they can perform surgery to the best of their ability and experience. I pray that my baby doesn't suffer brain damage from the bypass and circulation stops. I just want this to be over. Thank you to all of you that have prayed for my baby and that continue to pray for him. He needs them now just as much as he needed them before birth..if not more. I'll try to keep up the blog during the day tomorrow. It will help with my sanity. For right now, I'm taking it one breath at a time.


Angela said...

I love ya girl!! Stay strong, and keep holding onto what you are. You know who is in charge right now, and that's the greatest person to be there!! Prayers are certainly heading that way!!

Lisa said...

Amanda, thanks for sharing so many details about Ethan's struggles. I had no idea what you both were going through. I know you're exhausted and weary, but God says not to have a spirit of fear. He will provide you, Ethan, and the doctors with strength and power. You're in my prayers and sweet thoughts are coming your way. Lisa Reid

Kyle and Kristen said...

I will be praying Amanda--Hang in there--God is good ALL the time and He loves you and Ethan! My email is and you have my # if you need to reach me for anything!!!