Friday, September 11, 2009

School has started...bring on the germs!!!

Well, we are finishing the third week of school here and Elise and Craig are doing great with their classes. Fourth grade and Kindergarten have begun...and with that comes a lot more germs. Ethan had strep throat the first week of school which antibiotics quickly got rid of. The third week of school brought us a stomach virus. He was given IV fluids to combat dehydration for two days and then his face got really puffy and his O2 sats fell a little bit. So we were off to Texas Children's again. Not admitted this time just a really late night. We didn't get home from the ER until after 4am. I guess that would be one of the down sides to living 2 1/2 hours away from the hospital. Ethan is doing well. His kidneys have kicked into high gear and have gotten rid of the excess fluid. He is still sleeping more than normal, but is doing great.

He isn't walking yet. This is a little concerning but he is still standing on his own quite a bit, so we are just waiting for his little muscles to get ready to let go! His next cardio appointment is Monday the 14th, so I will update more then...