Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer in Review

Now that I've had a couple of weeks to come down off of the summer I have decided not to give you the normal "sorry I haven't written in a while" mess and just come on out with it's been too busy to keep up! ;) As you can see from the picture, Ethan adores his little sister. The first picture is his first time to meet and hold her when she was just two hours old. The second was taken outside of our church on August 1st on her blessing day.

June was a whirlwind of Zoo camp, new dance class schedules, two birthdays, a trip to Austin for Nolan's specialists, etc that ended with a trip to Schlitterbahn Galveston for some fun in the sun (or as much fun as you can have in a double floaty two weeks before having a baby with an almost two year old freaking out because the waves are too high in the wave pool). It was actually really fun! The last thing in June was a check up with Ethan's cardiologist. He's doing really well but he's getting winded when he is playing a lot faster. And his 02 numbers are starting to trend down. When he first had his glenn he was he usually is around 78-81. When his numbers are consistently below 75 his Fontan will be scheduled. With his current rate of decline we will be looking at surgery sometime int he next 18 months. This is where you tell me to breath and that it will be ok...I'm really scared about his Fontan...

July was the most fun I think. The 4th was spent with family and ended with watching fireworks over the pond behind the zoo. Then it seems like no time passed until the 13th when sweet baby Natalie arrived by c-section. She is a doll. Ethan has been so good with her. He always wants her to have her suckie (pacifier) even when she doesn't want it. Some good friends came and gave me a huge helping break for the first week home as Richard had to work that week because almost all of his vacation days were spent on Ethan's procedures earlier in the Spring. Sadly, that's all I can remember of July because recovering from a section with 5 kids and no sleep leaves your memory very fuzzy. Suffice it to say that July was good.

August was a whirlwind of school clothes shopping and school supply shopping and meet the teachers (all three campuses in two hours...why they scheduled them all at one time is beyond me!). Everyone has adjusted to the routine of school fairly well even if the application of school rules is a little beyond a couple of them...

Ethan doesn't go back for another check up until November. His numbers have been above 80 for the most part int he last week so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that he will continue to be unripe for surgery. I'm not ready for it. He just gets so tired so fast. And it is taking him longer to recover his breath. When he gets tired it can take days for him to adjust. School starting hit him pretty hard. He enjoys being a semi-only child for a few hours each day, but getting up earlier, even though he's going to bed earlier, is making him more and more tired. In a way I wish his appointment was tomorrow so I would have some answers, but all in all I only want to hear about good news right now.