Sunday, January 18, 2009

Six Months

Wow...Ethan is six months old. I can't describe the amazement I feel in having him with us. We have seen so much in the past year that we never imagined that we would. We have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people whose jobs/life mission involves helping little people with special hearts and their families cope with terrifying experiences. I thank Heavenly Father daily for these people. We could not have made it and would not have Ethan now without them.

Ethan continues to thrive. He has three teeth (can you believe it!). Two on the bottom in the middle, and one eye tooth on top...he's our little vampire! He can roll over from his tummy to his back, but refuses to even try to roll from his back to his front...I think it is either making him uncomfortable or he got used to us keeping him from rolling that direction for so long after surgery. He has survived his first chest cold complete with breathing treatments. His favorite toys are link-a-doos and his stuffed Grover. I need to go buy another one to have in the closet for when this one gets nasty...I've never had a baby get this attached to a toy!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Not because anything special happened, but because it marked a huge milestone for our family. We have had Ethan for six months...when we didn't know if he would get to stay with us more than a few minutes. He is an amazing little boy.