Saturday, April 25, 2009

April has been good!

Ethan pulling up on his roller ball...he's on his knees can you believe it!!!

Baby's First Easter

He loved dying Easter can barely see his scar!!!

Hunting Easter eggs with Momma

Easter eggs are yummy

I will eat the penguin...I will eat the penguin!!!

Ethan loved the Children's Museum over Spring Break

As you can see, Ethan is doing really well and has a beautiful smile that lights up his whole face. He is a joy to be around and people are drawn to him. We can't go anywhere without someone coming up and telling us how wonderful he is...we agree!!! Seriously it is a wonderful opportunity to let people know about CHD and introducing the gospel to them by explaining how Heavenly Father has blessed us two plusses in my book.

Last weekend was a little scary for me. Ethan is learning how to pull up and he is crawling everywhere. His little body hasn't had time to adjust to the new activity level and it made his heart have to work a little too hard. He was sweating in his sleep and his heart was racing so that calls for a call to Dr. Altman to find out if we need to come in for a check. After talking to her on the phone we decided that he was okay to wait until his echo in the 18th unless he has another problem. After a week of eagle eye watching I am relaxing a little bit. So...until something else happens I'm trying to enjoy my family and watch the amazing things that Ethan is doing. The tooth count is up to 8. He is getting into everything. He continually amazes us. His body seems to be getting used to higher activity so he is doing well. He is eating bites of table food now and loves his taters and mangos.

Easter gave me some time of reflection. I am so grateful for the atonement and my Savior. We had a really fun time this Easter. We went to the egg hunt at Craig's preschool and then an Easter party at a friend's house later Saturday afternoon. Sunday we hunted eggs that the Easter bunny left for us and got some really cute pictures of the kids tearing into their Easter baskets. It was so good to have a holiday that wasn't colored in fear. Everytime we've had a holiday with Ethan we are either under heart monitors, or just waiting for him to crash. We are a very blessed family.