Thursday, October 30, 2008


We are settled in at my sister's house for the week. Today I am concentrating on getting a good handle on what medication Ethan should take when. It's a whole lot easier to keep it straight when the pharmacy department at the hospital is sending up the meds he needs for the day in single use syringes labeled with the time the med is given. So far so good. I'm actually glad to have the opportunity to get used to keeping Ethan out of the hospital before I need to get used to my other kiddos too. It's been a very quiet day and a good one. I'm hoping that I will hear back from Dr. Altman's office soon about moving his follow up visit from next Friday to earlier in the week so I can go home. It feels so weird to be able to go anywhere I'm brave enough to take Ethan without clearing it with a surgery team, floor cardio/pediatric team, and a police force quality nursing staff.

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