Friday, October 3, 2008

Preliminary Results

The cardiology team met with me briefly today and although all of the results of the MRI are not back yet...meaning that they haven't gone over them yet...the preliminary findings are that the pulmonary vein conflusion enters the heart in the center of the heart after being somewhat restricted by the bronchus. They were also able to see the positioning of the pulmonary artery better and it looks like the artery is overylying the VSD and partly coming out of the left ventricle. Which means that we don't have DORV, we have complete transposition. This may or may not make his heart easier to repair. We will have to wait for the surgical conference on Monday. Dr. Altman is the floor cardiologist this weekend of which I am grateful. I feel so comfortable with her...we've worked with her since February and I can read her doctor speak better than anyone else's. I don't know what is going to happen next week. I am trying to prepare myself for anything.


brossettelewis said...

I'm sorry for a laundry list acronyms and vocabulary you never wanted to be familiar with. I hope it's the lesser of the two evils and easier to repair.

sockiepuppetsmom said...

Just wanted to pop in and let you know I am thinking of you:) We're praying for your little guy!