Monday, October 20, 2008


The picture on the bottom is of Ethan doing something that I did religiously that none of my other kiddos have done...suck his thumb...was so cute and he was sound asleep in his bouncy chair!
The picture on the top is of Ethan playing with the toy that Tammy brought him this afternoon. He actually took hold of it and put it in his mouth and chewed! We are progressing by leaps and bounds. He is in a size 2 diaper now and can use a regular flow nippie on his bottle. He is gaining better muscle control in his hands and actually rolled over last Friday night! I'm amazed!!!
Well...Nolan is going to have his ear surgery on Wednesday to get tubes put in and get his adenoids taken out. Ethan is going to have his heart surgery Wednesday to have his pulmonary veins reconfigured and a bidirectional Glenn procedure. Any and all donations of chocolate are welcome as are any cans of caffeine free coca cola classic....just kidding. I'm actually very relaxed today. Ethan has had his pre-op blood drawn, RSV nose wash done, EKG done, and chest x-ray done. They are going to wait to start the IV tomorrow as his veins are not cooperating today. The longer I am here the luckier I realize that I am. Ethan is the only Heterotaxy baby that I've seen here that is not on oxygen as well as every heart med and breathing med I've seen. I feel so blessed and humbled that Ethan is doing so well.

Please include friend of mine's baby in your prayers. Gavin was born last week with Heterotaxy Syndrome and is not doing well. He was supposed to have surgery this morning but was not doing well enough to have it. His body is not ridding itself of fluids as it is supposed to. He is now in the CVICU and his situation is looking fairly dire...Please pray for his family. His parents are Cody and Eron, and his grandma is Tammy. They are devastated that their baby might not make the week. I know the power of prayer and know that it is the only thing that can save him if it is Heavenly Father's will.

Well...that's all for now...I'm sure I will be updating this blog soon with more info...I can't believe that I'm going to have two babies in surgery on the same day!


Sunshine said...

I just got done saying prayers with the boys before bed. This was Trus prayer...."Dear Heavenly Father, bless Ethan that he could have a good heart, that he can grow up and be a strong man, and be a good boy. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen". If that doesn't make it to heaven, nothing can. We are thinking about you!

averpen29 said...

How sweet is that! Thank you to everyone that is saying their prayers...but I think that children's prayers get sent priority mail...

Autumn said...

Dang your mom knows how to call them! She said Sunday that they would probably both end up on the same day!

We are praying for you & thinking of you guys daily!

hang in there!

Rachel said...

He is precious, Amanda. I love the sucking thumb photo - so sweet!