Thursday, October 23, 2008


The pictures from today are much better than last night. He is more swollen but doing so so so well! Today has been fairly eventful. Ethan is off all of his "drip" meds that have kept him sedated. He is also off of the blood pressure medication as he is holding his own with his pressures. He is wiggling a little bit and moving his arms and legs. He is working his mouth for a pacifier but is not allowed one yet. This morning he was waking up too fast so we were not allowed to touch him or talk above a whisper to lessen the stimulation in the room. The low stimulation worked because he was extubated this afternoon. They have taken him off the respirator and stomach tube. They have taken out the arterial line in his groin and his atrial line that was in his heart. He's looking a little swollen from the bypass still but the swelling goes down everytime I see him. I have been amazed at his progress...if I had done what he has been through I would still be knocked flat! He's an amazing little boy. He is on room air at this point even though the nasal cannula is still in his nose. His oxygen saturations are hanging out in the low 80's and that is exactly where they want him to be. We are one step closer to home! They told me a few minutes ago that if he continues to do this well overnight they will move us back down on floor tomorrow and he will not have a need for a step down room. I should be able to hold him for a few minutes either later tonight or tomorrow morning. This has been quite a wild ride!
Special note to Elise: Ethan is fine and doing better than the doctors expected him to. He is looking forward to seeing his favorite big sister on Saturday. He may not even be in the ICU when you see him. You might be able to hold him then but we will have to ask the doctors to make sure it's okay. Momma has a big surprise for you when she sees you this weekend. Keep your chin up because this is almost over. I love you and will see you day after tomorrow. Have fun at the football game!


Rachel said...

I knew you had a fighter, but man, he is doing awesome!!

sockiepuppetsmom said...

Oh that is such great news!!