Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tune Up #2

We were back in the hospital for five days over hurricane IKE...that's right...I weathered the storm on the 15th floor of Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Ethan started getting bluish around his mouth and eyes and i called Dr. Altman and we were admitted Thursday before the storm blew in. A little scary during the hurricane but we were one of the few buildings in Houston that never lost power. They did an echocardiogram and noticed that ethan's blockage to his pulmonary artery is getting a little worse. The ER cardio team wanted to do a cath lab on him, but did not (thank goodness...it would have blown his heart out of balance). We are going to have an MRI in October to get a better look at his heart and hopefully get a more informed game plan for his long term care in place. He is back at home on an O2 monitor and is actually asleep right now. He's doing well and we are very grateful to have him home.

The day after he came home from the hospital he had his two month shots and he handled those really well....just like the little fighter he is! Our next appointment in Houston is Thursday to see Dr. Altman, schedule a definitive date for the MRI and check up on his progress. On another note...he was extremely cranky yesterday and I was starting to think that he was having chest pains or the like (it's always in the back of my head and I am trying very hard not to overreact). I put my finger in his mouth because I couldn't find a pacifier and was about to call Houston when he started chomping that finger like there was no tomorrow...the little stinker is teething!!! Not even ten weeks old yet and he's teething! You can see where his little teeth will be coming in on the bottom. It's bubbled up and giving us both fits at this point!

Again, I will try to be better about updating the blog on time...it's been a week since he was discharged today and I've just now gotten time to tell everyone that he was even in the hospital!

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sockiepuppetsmom said...

Good to hear he's doing well!