Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ears, Nose and Throat Doc

So we went and saw Dr. Duncan yesterday and he wanted to do two procedures to look at Ethan's airway. We did one only because the second one is done at the hospital under anesthesia so that we can get a look at what is going on beyond his vocal chords. The upper airway was checked by putting a camera down Ethan's nose. His upper airway is fine. On October 6th we will check his lower airway at Texas Children's. So...just to recap...we will be admitted for his crazy off the wall sats on Tuesday, MRI Thursday, Cardiologists and surgery team will review his case in the conference room Monday and he will also have the lower half of his airway checked on that day. October 7th is Nolan's speech and hearing evaluation so I figure I'm going to live at Texas Children's for the next few weeks best case scenario. Today Ethan's oxygen saturations have been in the upper 70's and he has rested comfortably. He got way too much stimusation yesterday and has had a full day of recovery. We're planning on another one tomorrow.

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