Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heart Cath...Finally!!!

We arrived at the hospital this morning at around 8. We left Lufkin at 5. We were back, checked in and in the holding bay for Ethan's heart cath at 9. He was supposed to have his cath around 10. They finally took him to the back for his cath at 3:15 this afternoon. That was a long long wait. He was so good waiting! He played with toys and didn't complain once even though I know he was starving. He hasn't eaten anything since 8:00 last night! At 5:10 we got the update that he has a cath in the femoral artery in one leg, a sheath in the femoral vein in the same leg, and a cath in his coratid (spelling) artery in his neck so they have access to all areas of his heart...I'm thinking they had to come at it from both angles because of his PA band but I will confirm this. Thank you for your prayers for Ethan! Please continue them! And also please add the little girl that was case' # this morning. They had to do twice as much in her cath as they had planned and she is back in CVICU....not a fun place to be. More to come soon...

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