Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It got too busy to update last night so I'll do my best to remember everything this morning! The artery ballooned open beautifully...and then it went right back to how small it was Ethan has a brand new stint in the right pulmonary artery. I even have before and after pictures that I will have to post when i can scan them in at home. He came out of anaesthesia really well...minimal fussing and very thirsty. He's swollen because of the IV fluids they pumped him full of and his kidneys are releasing the fluid with a single dose of lasix. We held him in the recovery bay for two hours and then got moved downstairs to our home away from home, 15th floor of West Tower. His pressure bandage was removed a little after one this morning and he finally slept soundly at 4. they came in a little while ago for another chest x-ray and we are waiting for those results now. He will have an echo cardiogram and be started back on his aspirin (which is his only heart medication currently) before we are discharged later today. Hopefully I will be able to update a little later after we know more. For right now we are grateful that yesterday is over and that he is doing so well. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes you guys!!!


Lisa Curcio said...

Wonderful to hear how well everything went. I hope the xray comes back with good news.

Lisette said...

Hi, I foind your blog through Hope's Blog. I am glad everything went so well. I will be preying for a speedy recovery.

Sunshine said...

Thinking about you...keep hanging in there.