Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First and foremost I would like to say that we have had some wonderful news with little bean...the nuchal cord was nice and thin and things look perfect with him/her (we're still thinking her btw...).

Now on to Ethan. We arrived for his echo and waiting for a few minutes and were taken back. He hated every minute of it. The tech was a newbie and couldn't get good shots of his pulmonary vein return or his Glenn, so he called in his supervisor. He couldn't get a good shot either because by that time Ethan had had enough. We got him calmed back down and went across the hall to cardiology to see Dr. Altman. Mom took him for his x-ray because I can't while pregnant...his lungs look fabulous. His echo was pointless because the stuff we monitor was thrown out because Ethan was upset and wiggly. Ethan has been panting while active and sweaty after light activity, so that concerns his cardiologist and me. It would seem that his PA band may be too tight and messing with his lungs. So we are back to Houston on Jan 26th for a sedated echo to check his band (regulates blood flow to his lungs) and his vein return. If something is going on with either of these we will most likely end up in the cath lab the next day. We once again need your prayers for our sweet boy. We don't want to go to the cath lab!!! They also did a blood count and think that even though his red blood count is adequate, the cells are large so we need some iron supplementation. Also, a part of his white count was up (can't remember the technical name) that may indicate an allergy. So our instructions for the next two weeks:

1. Keep a daily journal of his 02 sats (twice daily and after activity if panting)
2. Iron supplement to see if that will help his body carry oxygen more efficiently
3. Get to an allergist for testing to see if he has an allergy that would cause him slight breathing distress.
4. Not freak out

1-3 are under control...
4 comes and goes...

We are putting our faith in our Father in Heaven. We have been through this and Know that He has everything under control. Ethan is going to be on this Earth exactly as long as he is supposed to...

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