Sunday, January 3, 2010

Testing Moved

Tesing has been moved to January 11th in Houston with Dr. Kirshon. Feels a little repetitive going to him again but we hope that he will give us good news this time! Ethan continues to thrive and other than being sick for most of Christmas break he is well! He is turning a little bluer around the mouth than I'd like when he is up walking around and it takes him a little longer to get over it so I'll be bringing that up when he has his Echo and Cardiology appointment on, you guessed it, January 11th. We have a full day of appointments...Kirshon at 10, Echo at 12:15, Chest x-rays, ekg and Dr. Altman at 1:30. Craziness!!!

Other news that is blogworthy is Nolan. He went to see a team of DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Dr's in Austin and is improving daily. His speech has blossomed, his social skills are coming closer to a two year old instead of a one year old (he's 3 1/2), and his personality is blooming! All with taking Gluten out of his diet. He showed an intolerance for wheat in his allergy testing last year so I'm hoping that this is the kingpin to getting his little body figured out. He has started a multivitamin from DAN, and will add calcium/magnesium, fish oil, and vitamin c supplements over then next few weeks.

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