Thursday, July 9, 2009

June update...catching up

Ethan has had a really busy month and has kept us on our toes. Our 10th wedding anniversary was June 5th. Elise's big dance recital with 4 costumes was the evening of June 5th. And Ethan caught a virus and was kangaroo crew'ed to Houston at 6 am on June 5th. It was a very busy day. His temp was 101.9 taken under the arm, his heart rate was 192, and his 02 sats were at 76. As soon as they gave him some IV fluids everything regulated, but since he is aspleenic we had to make sure the temp wasn't from a bacterial infection. All tests came back negative so we were able to go home two days later. My mom stayed with Ethan on June 5th so I could be with Elise for her dance recital and Richard and I made a trip to Houston last weekend to attend the temple for our anniversary. So, all is right with the world now! ;0)

Ethan is continuing to amaze us. He is pulling up to stand and even let go day before yesterday to stand up by himself for a few minutes. He babbles and sometimes if he wants and the mood strikes him, he will wave goodbye. He has really enjoyed the pool in my parent's backyard and smiles so big when he gets in.

The most important thing that I can think of that is coming up soon is Ethan's birthday! He will turn one on July 17th and we are asking all of our friends who helped us through this past year with your prayers and positive thinking to join us at kiwanis Park in Lufkin at 6pm for his birthday party...Don't bring him anything, you've already given us the greatest gift of your prayers and support! If you feel you must do something make a donation to It's My Heart by visiting They are a wonderful organization!!! If you are able to make it please leave a message here or email me at We would love love love to have you there!!!

I'll update again soon!


Rachel said...

Wow! I can't believe he is almost one. He truly is a little miracle. I'm glad that he is thriving and doing so well.

sockiepuppetsmom said...

It has been so awesome to watch him grow, he is just a bundle of energy now days!

mary said...

Cagan,Owen and I would totally be there but we're going to be up in Utah!