Friday, July 25, 2008

Ethan ate a whole bottle!

Ethan just finished eating an entire bottle by himself without help from the NG tube! We are looking forward to being able to go home as soon as he can eat without the tube entirely. We are no longer in the NICU but have been moved to the cardiology inpatient floor to be monitored and learn how to eat. Cardiology met with us a few days ago. His anatomy is the same as they saw on fetal echo, with the exception that they found all four pulmonary veins (thank you for your prayers) Instead of each vein being connected to the heart, they are coming together to form one vein and then draining to the heart. This called a conflusion of the pulmonary veins. This makes him work a little harder but will not require immediate surgery. When he has his open heart, they hope to do a full repair but will have to wait until they are in there to see if they can move his aorta to where it won't obstruct the valves. A full repair will mean a four chambered fully functional heart...and it will be a repair not a band-aid like the other option is. If they can't move the aorta like they want/need, they will do at least two surgeries and he will have a single pumping chamber in his heart. Ultimately, these procedures (called a Fontan) will fail and it will require further repair or a heart transplant. We are again having to take a leap of faith that Heavenly Father is in charge and will be able to be with the surgeons to complete a full repair. Again, your prayers are needed and being felt. We have seen the miracles that come when people of faith unite in prayer. I'll try to be a little better about posting. The WIFI in the hospital has been real ornery about posts the last few days.

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Rachel said...

Glad to hear that you have a champion eater! Hopefully, you will be home soon.